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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where's the Money?

In today's struggling economy there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions displaced or (in the least) financially burdened by America's current state of finance. The average wage of several working Americans is steadily decreasing as those who 'do' have a decent job are now threatened by those seeking employment; who are ready & willing to work cheaper, just to get their foot in the door.

It's not a practice I welcome, nor condone when honest, hard working Americans are left to pay for the mistakes of "Big Business" and of course, some questionable antics employed at the closing bell of our now Ex-President George W. Bush, the Old Administration, and His Fellow Constituates.

(*Mind You I am neither a Republican, nor Democrat, but somewhere between a Liberal and a Conservator, because I am an Honest American First and Foremost!)

Be it I am an artist, futurist, philosopher, and spiritualist, more over that of a politician.

I simple choose to leave the the bureaucratic-bullshit to the pros, and guys like Bill Maher, and Rush Limbaugh!

However, I too have been directly affected, if not 'infected' by the pestilence and current state of our economy, and I am determined to show people where the money is, and help others get their hands on some too!

O.K., so last year I was building swimming pools as a sub-contractor, and making an average of $75-$100k per year on average. Be it I worked my tail off for 60-80 hours a week to earn that money, and made plenty of sacrifices regarding quality time at home as well. Just as I'd been doing since 1992, consistently.

Meanwhile, I no longer own that business, and damn near lost my home!

Today, it's a whole new ball game folks, and "We the People" need to step-it-up, if we're ever gonna survive this economic nightmare.

While President Obama, and the current Administration are appearing to make a valiant effort at stabilizing the current financial market, I'm here to tell "Anyone" who's willing to work hard, where there is some decent Money & Opportunity waiting to be had.

In fact, I almost want to start cranking-up the stereo, and blasting Judas Priest's "You've Got Another Thing Coming" or perhaps for those of a more sensitive music preference, Pink Floyd's "Money"

Why You Might Ask?

Well, I'll tell ya...For 19 Years I busted my ass, worked hard, and being an honest to God, hardworking small business owner, and respectable American Blue-collar guy, I believed it would lead to success, not failure!

I have 3 kids, a wife, dreams, and bills like everyone else! ~And I am not one for seeking sympathy, pity, or a hand-out!

If there's one thing that truly pisses me off; it's when people present opportunity, make promises, profess they're gonna do something, and then NOT DELIVER!

This has become an increasing problem in this country, as everyone is struggling to maintain the integrity, and loyalty of their own interests, rather than the well being of the whole. In such a way, that many care more about money, than maintaining a civil constitution to others.

Respectively, I could go on, and I apologize for the rant, but having gotten ripped off 6 months ago by a Fraudulent Advertisement some jerk-off placed online displaying a "FREE GOOGLE KIT," which eventually costs us nearly $100 in unauthorized charges on our credit card, and would've been more had we not caught this, and then forced us to have that credit card turned off.

Please... give me the strength to be forgiving, because in my personal opinion, or even better still, my spiritual belief;

"There is NO Excuse for Such Ignorance!"

Nor do I ever recall being instructed to be forgiving towards such evils being so openly displayed and tolerated anywhere in the teachings I've studied, continue to employ, and increase upon daily.

And the worst part is, those same fraudulent Google ads are ripping good people off everyday, as I see them plastered all over the internet.

Sadly, this behavior does two things, it gives the thieves confidence, while it crushes the integrity of honest businesses advertising online, causing people to be skeptical to approach a real opportunity.

In fact, "We the People" need to put an end to the tolerance we've acquired in allowing all these 2-bit thieves to rip off hard working people, and their scandalous attempts to extract our honest made Money!

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, I can tell You, my wife; Terri and I have finally found a Business that puts it's principle interest and focus on Your Success, and it doesn't cost You a Dime to get Your Own Business Started Today!

In Truth, You don't need experience, a credit card, good credit, or even a bank account to get started. So ultimately, there is "No Excuse" not to check this out.

That's Right..."It's 100% FREE!!!"

Mind You, that excludes Your effort and commitment to succeed of course, but, if You are seriously looking for something that has promise, unlimited earning potential, and don't want to join one of the tens of thousands of online marketing schemes, then welcome aboard my friend...we have something for You, and it's Absolutely FREE!

Perhaps, You're a skeptic, and are wondering; "What's the Catch?"

There isn't one! ~That's why this is so Dynamic!

Although today's economy has hurt me financially, I can, and have found the good in today's economic crisis.

First off, I now realized my true talents & passions were being wasted for many of years. I wasn't focused on my love for writing, or helping others, and in all due fairness, the 16 years I'd spent working all those hours proved to be nothing more than another form of slavery.

Now, I may not know what Your talents are, nor might I be so privileged to know Your passions.
But I'd bet the farm, You, (like Me & Mine) are SEEKING FREEDOM!

Not just financial Freedom, but the kind of Freedom that allows You to be educated, feel whole, to be Free, and do what You Love, with the ones You Love, and, afford the time to do it!

*If not, then You're probably either manic-depressive, agoraphobic, or a sociopath!

All kidding aside, anyone looking to achieve a financial foot hole, and reach unlimited heights, while making an honest living from home running Your own business....

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